Web Marketing Festival: Fighting Disinformation in the Case of Mediterranea Saving Humans and Civil Rescue at Sea

Antonio Rignanese al Web Marketing Festival

Saturday, June 17th, Antonio Rignanese, Digital Strategist and Head of Communication of our project “The Years We Have Been NoWhere”, will speak at the Web Marketing Festival in Rimini, one of the most important European communication festivals, in the panel promoted by Mediterranea Saving Humans and moderated by Giancarlo Morsello, MSH activist, on the theme “The fight against disinformation in the case of Mediterranea Saving Humans and civil rescue at sea”.

The permanent electoral campaign to which our country seems doomed pollutes communication on a highly complex phenomenon such as migration and on NGOs which, like Mediterranea, have for years been dedicating their efforts and energies to rescuing those who are driven to risk their lives at sea. We talk about it with those who, with their daily work and language, offer the public contents and tools that are antibodies against mainstream disinformation.

The panel will also include:

Giuditta Pini
Author of the podcast “Chiedi alla Pini” and board member of Mediterranea Saving Humans;


Alexander Masala
Youtuber founder of “Breaking Italy”.

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